If you are not sure how our services would apply to you, have a look and see if you can relate to any of the examples below.

These case studies are for information purposes only and intended as an example of the service we can provide.  It is important you seek financial advice relevant to your own personal needs and circumstances before making any financial decisions.


Mary is 43 and had worked for 3 different employers in her lifetime.  She has 2 paid up pension plans worth £600 and £21,000 and her current pension plan which her employer pays into which is worth circa £37,000.  She has never reviewed her pension plans or the investments within them and was always somewhat worried about the annual statements which showed the value of her pensions rising and falling considerably.

After reading about our pension options and our pension transfer guidance she found out that the average charge she was paying her existing pension providers was around 1.3% per annum compared to 0.68% in our medium risk self select pension portfolio.  She also found out that her pensions were all invested into a single fund which made her nervous.  

Realising she could make savings of circa £363 per year she transferred all her pensions but left £1 in her current employer’s pension scheme so that she could continue making and receiving company pension contributions.


  1. Mary reduced her pension charges by circa £363 per year.

  2. Mary was happy to have a more diversified investment portfolio.

  3. Mary was reassured that her investment funds would be rebalanced annually.

  4. Mary was reassured that her pension provider would be reassessed annually knowing that the team at EB Wealth would contact her if she should consider changing pension provider e.g. if there was an issue with the financial security her pension provider.

  5. Finally Mary realised that at some point she may need additional help with her investment and pension planning and although she did not want to pay for Independent Advice at this point, she was comforted to know that EB Wealth were a telephone call away and would be able to offer Independent Financial Advice, as and when required.



John was 42 years old and had built up a pension fund of just over £110,000 in a group personal pension offered by his employer. He was interested in finding an alternative pension plan that offered greater investment flexibility and that would allow him to have access to his retirement benefits before his state retirement age of 67.

EB Wealth advised John that an open architecture personal pension would be a great option for him to consider as he would be able to place funds in a wide variety of investment vehicles including unit trusts, individual stocks & shares and structured products.

He would also have the option to access income drawdown before his state retirement age, providing the flexibility John needed to take his pension benefits in a way that would suit his future circumstances and objectives.

Once his pension was set up, we designed a portfolio of funds with the aim of maximising the potential returns taking John’s attitude to risk into account.  We included index tracker funds in our recommendation in order to keep costs to a minimum.  We also proposed two different structured products in order to reduce volatility on the overall portfolio and build in some stock market protection to reduce exposure to the significant investment losses which John’s pension had suffered in the past. One of these products paid an income of circa 7% p.a. fixed for 6 years.

Further to our initial recommendation, EB Wealth now reviews John’s pension on a regular basis to ensure that his investment portfolio still suits his individual circumstances and meets his target of being able to retire at his chosen age.


  1. We built a degree of protection from stock market falls into the portfolio to make his pension investments "safer".

  2. We included investments that pay a regular income stream creating some stability in the run up to and during retirement.

  3. We reduced the volatility of John's pension fund due to the smoothing effect that the investments with stock market protection and the investments paying a fixed income had on the rest of the portfolio, steering away from the wild swings in valuation John had previously experienced.

  4. We were able to charge reduced administration fees as John was an employee of an existing corporate client.

  5. We do not require clients to sign up to any contract period so John can stop our services or transfer to a different pension provider if he ever feels that our service is no longer of benefit to him.


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