Find out how we do it...

At The EB Partnership we pride ourselves on going the extra mile in building and monitoring our clients’ investment portfolios.

We follow a 4 step approach to smooth your overall portfolio and reduce volatility. We start by taking enough time to understand your appetite for risk and what you are trying to achieve with your investment.

Once we have assessed your risk tolerance, we apply a standard asset allocation model and overlay this with "strategic weightings" with the objective of reducing the level of risk in a portfolio due to shorter term economic and political factors to improve shorter and longer term performance.

We not only monitor all investment portfolios regularly but we also notify you proactively with our market views to give you more control to allow you to be as proactive as you wish in adjusting your portfolios at any point in the year.

Please note: the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you have invested.

Investment Process

Our Investment Process is based on a solid risk assessment, tactical asset allocation, vigilant growth monitoring and asset readjustments if required. This approach sets us apart from other Investment Advisers. Our client base is rapidly growing due to our competitive fee structure, focus on quality and personalised advice.

Step 1: Risk Assessment

We place great importance on helping you to understand the level of risk which you are willing to take on your investment. We will also guide you as to the impact your risk tolerance will have on your potential investment returns. As part of this process, we use the Morningstar Risk Assessment Questionnaire, one of the most accurate risk profiling tools on the market.

Step 2: Asset Allocation

Your risk profile and investment horizon will determine the initial asset allocation which will be split into a maximum of 16 asset classes:

  • 8 Equity Classes
  • 4 Fixed Income Classes (Gilts & Corporate Bonds)
  • Structured Capital-At-Risk Investments
  • Structured Deposits
  • Property
  • Commodities

Many investment advisers only use standard asset allocation models. Whilst we also use these models as a starting point we believe it is fundamentally flawed to use past performance as the sole driver of asset allocation.  It is not guaranteed that the optimum asset allocation based on past performance will produce the same level of returns in the future. In order to take best advantage of current market sentiment and economic conditions, we apply weighting factors to the standard asset allocation models with the objective of reducing the level of risk in a portfolio and ultimately improving long term performance.

Step 3: Growth Monitoring

We will review your personalised investment portfolio on a regular basis (frequency dependent on your chosen service level). In addition to that, we will produce a quarterly Market Update report in which we discuss the current economic outlook as expressed by key market commentators and take into account expected short and medium term factors in each respective sector.

Step 4: Asset Readjustment

After reviewing the performance of your investment portfolio and updating you with any changes to our tactical asset allocations we will recommend any appropriate fund switches or rebalancing - also taking into account any personal investment preferences you may have.

The EB Partnership goes the extra mile when selecting and monitoring your investment portfolio. If you are interested in finding out how we can improve the risk-reward profile of your investment, please do not hesitate to contact us.