Self Select ISA
+ Annual Portfolio Rebalancing

For many people, saving into ISAs is a matter of basic financial housekeeping but although many people invest into ISAs, all too often they fail to review their investments or rebalance their portfolios regularly enough and often end up with many different ISAs with many different providers which can be difficult to administer.

Our ISA offer is designed for people who know how much they want to save into their ISAs but need some help with the ongoing fund management.

We let you chose from one of our 3 risk rated portfolios, we reassess the funds each year to make sure they are still "best of breed" and notify you if we think any changes need to be made, we also rebalance your portfolio every year to ensure you keep the level of risk you are taking on your investments in check.

Read the following to see if our Self Select ISA could be right for you.

  • You do not need advice in relation to the set up of your ISA
  • You are aware that an investment ISA can go up in value as well as down.
  • You are happy to select from one of our three "pre selected" risk rated portfolios for the investment of your ISA.
  • You have a number of existing ISAs you wish to consolidate
  • You want your ISAs rebalanced every year.
  • You are aware that you can upgrade your wealth management service at any time to take full Independent Financial Advice.

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