Self Select Pension
+ Annual Portfolio Rebalancing

With the advent of auto-enrolment it is increasingly common that people are acquiring multiple pension pots and losing track of what pensions they have, where they are invested and how much money is in them.

Whilst we are happy to provide a full advice service we are aware that many clients simply want a low cost option to consolidate existing plans into and have someone do some basic annual housekeeping on their pension funds i.e. rebalance them once a year.

We have also provided some help and guidance for you for things to consider before transferring a pension:

With that in mind we have developed a "no-advice" pension solution which does just that.

Read the following to see if our Self Select Pension could be right for you.

  • You do not need advice in relation to the set up or transfer of your pension funds.

  • You are aware that pension investments can go up in value as well as down.

  • You are happy to select from one of our three "pre selected" risk rated portfolios for the investment of your pension.

  • You have a number of existing pensions you wish to consolidate

  • You want your pension investments rebalanced every year.

  • You are aware that you can upgrade your wealth management service at any time to start taking full Independent Financial Advice.

Ready to start a new pension / make a new contribution or amend an existing policy?

Please note that following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws, we have decided not to save any information for partially completed applications. Therefore, you will need to complete this application in one “sitting”, which can take between 5-20 minutes (dependant on the complexity of your situation).

In order to fully complete this application, you will need to know your National Insurance Number and have access to a printer or have the ability to save documents so that you can print them out later. If you are consolidating existing pensions you will also need your existing policy details.

Alternatively we are happy to meet you in person at our offices to complete all the necessary paperwork - just give us a call and book a time to come in.

If you are an international applicant, you will also need your International Passport Number(s) & Tax identification number(s)